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Hello one and all! I am Dawn J. Heise and I have worked here at Wallace for over 18 years. Most of those years as the Health Aide.
I love hearing the stories (reason/excuses ) the students have for me when they come in my office. I have been told I should write a book but, I’m not sure you would believe me. Isn’t imagination wonderful?!
I was born in Chicago, Ill. (Go Bears & Cubs) and moved to Parker my second year of high school. My family lives in Colorado area ----well my favorite people in the world next to everyone here.
I am “Rent-A- Auntie “to many. Just ask Gracie & Mabel Zertuche.
I like to swim, cook, scrapbook and if you know anything about me know I am nuts for Indy & NASCAR racing.
So thank you for stopping by and Stay Healthy!!!!!!